Product Demos Re-Defined

Customer Experience Upgraded

Digital Campaigns Perfected

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It is a powerful tool for the sales team
to upgrade their client pitches by providing
an eloquent yet self-explanatory experiencing
Augmented reality and Machine Learning

Powerful Sales Demo Tool

Inside sales, Remote presentations and Digital communication are on the rise while businesses still rely on powerpoint presentation and videos are primary tools. They are neither interactive or immersive in most cases.ExploAR uses advanced Augmented Reality interactions and visualisations along with an AI powered sales productivity platform to deliver high level of immersion and intelligence from any sales interaction.

ExploAR Demo Tool

Dedicated communication tool between manufacturers and distributors, distributors and consumers using Mobile AR and webAR.

Advanced visualizations in 3D view and AR view on mobile and desktop.

Unique visual flow for technical specs, component level description and more

Dynamic content integration, One-click sharability, and lead generation mechanism

ExploAR Intelligence

Our sales productivity platform guides sales teams through
the selling process, increase productivity, and improve forecasting accuracy.
We have used the behavioural and analytical metrics
of app usage by various stakeholders to ensure
high quality data driven insights.

Data science and machine learning to uncover customers needs, challenges and preferences.

Predict Efficacy of the demo, Emotional Inclination of a consumer towards the product, Improvements to the pitch, Probability of sale.

Improve customer’s product awareness with a full activity history in a single view

Landing page illustration
Landing page illustration

ExploAR Management Engine

A contact management tool that strives to improve
communication and collaboration amongst its users.

Advanced security protocols to restrict access as per information hierarchy, duration and number of products.

Manage sales teams using features like performance tracker and usage monitor Increase productivity by tracking tasks and setting reminders

One place to access valuable data such as contacts, such as emails, documents and files, and contact info