Key Differentiators
Our USP vs the Competitors giving AR solution:

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ExploAR Competitor

A sales productivity platform that is designed specifically for sales and marketing teams. We happen to use AR and ML to enable the same.

Creates a custom AR app about a product.

Addresses any immediate requirement, while introducing a long-term strategy to generate measurable ROI with actionable Intelligence. Built to serve for next 10 years of digital transformation.

Focuses on immediate ROI for a one time use. Built to serve today

Uses best possible technology available currently and provides regular feature updates to constantly improve the experience.

Uses best possible technology available currently.

Runs predictive learning algorithm to convert shallow data into deep insights.

Tracks details and shows on a dashboard

Both web and mobile.

AR on web or mobile application

Subscription model to eliminate entry barrier. Continues maintenance and support.

High one time cost with no maintenance and support.